Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February, 19 2021

At E-ceipt, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users.  Our partners and their customers may be provided with data we collect, use, keep, and share.  This data is used by our users to make choices available to them, by our partners to allow for marketing strategy, and by us to ensure information security.

This policy is not limited to current customers and partners. It applies to all individuals who deal with us for any business purpose.  This online policy applies to all websites, applications (“apps”) installed on a smart phone, tablet, PC, other digital device, and point-of-sale (POS) devices that have software hosted by E-ceipt.  All of our content is made for people over the age of 13 years old.  We do not solicit data from, or market to children 13 years old or younger.
Please note this policy may be updated to ensure compliance to applicable laws. You can always find the most up-to-date version on our website. We use some specific terminology throughout this policy, which are explained in Appendix 1 for your reference.

1. About E-ceipt, LLC
    1.1 Who we are: We use “we”, “our”, and “us” to refer to E-ceipt, LLC. Our vision is to help consumers and merchants eliminate the need for paper receipts. Our purpose is to reduce the impact that paper receipts have on the environment, help customers and businesses transact in a more efficient way, all the while removing the spread of germs via physical contact with paper receipts.
    1.2 What do we do: We have created the E-ceipt, LLC digital receipts and coupons to replace paper receipts and coupons with an interactive record that can be delivered directly to a purchaser’s phone, and is available online.  We are eliminating contact at the register and providing retailers with faster turnarounds and lower overhead.

2. Your privacy is very important to us
    2.1 Our privacy stance: At E-ceipt, the protection of your data is of critical importance. This policy is laid out in an easy-to-understand way so that you can quickly understand our position on data privacy and our commitment to protecting the data and Personal Information we collect.
    2.2 Your agreement to this policy: By using this site and/or our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

3. Information we may collect from you
Information we collect from you may include some Personal Information, which is information which can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual. This section details how we collect and create Personal Information, what categories of Personal Information we may process, as well as our stance on sensitive Personal Information.

    3.1 Categories of information we may collect, create or process: We may collect, create or process the following categories of Personal Information about you:
•      Identity information: name, company name, job title, gender, age range, postcode
•      Contact details: email address, phone number;
•      Consent records: records of any consents you give to us, a merchant or your bank, together with the date and time, means of consent         and any related information;
•      Purchase details: records of purchases and prices;
•      Payment details: invoice records (e.g. receipt information), payment records, de-identified credit card information;
•      Data relating to our sites: your device type, operating system, browser type and settings, IP address, Blue Tooth identified, IMEI         number, dates and times of connecting to a site, pixel tags, and other technical communications information which we need in order         to optimize the quality of our service offering for you; and
•      Views, opinions, enquiries, feedback and problems: any views, opinions, enquiries, feedback and problems that you choose to send                  to us, or publicly post about us on social media platforms;
•      Browsing history on our website or in our apps (examples being what you search for, the pages you view, how long you stay, and how                 often you come back);
•      How you search for our website, from which websites you link to our website, and which of our Business Partners’ websites you visit;
•      Which ads or online content from us and our Business Partners you view, access, or click on;
•      Whether you open our electronic communications and which parts you click on;
•      The location of your mobile device (for example, when you use mobile websites or apps to register to receive location-based content).
In addition to collecting Personal Information directly from you, we may collect or obtain your Personal Information from third parties who provide it to us (e.g. financial institutions and merchants we work with to provide our service to you).  We gather information if you:
•      Visit or use our website, applications, or POS device with our software enabled
•      Receive or reply to electronic communications from us;
•      View or click our online advertisements from us or our Advertising Partners;
•      Interact with us on social media.
3.2 Sensitive Personal Information: We will not collect sensitive Personal Information about you, such as information about your religion, ethnicity, health or biometrics.

4. How we use information about you
We use information we collect and create to provide a service to you. This section details which services and mediums require or are involved in the processing of your Personal Information.
We may use Personal Information about you for the following purposes:
4.1 Providing services to you, such as:
•       To generate digital receipts and coupons, and display them in your phone
•       To develop and generate environmental data and display your impact from using our service
•       To analyze group usage and generate reports on environmental impact, including reforestation and display them on your mobile device
•       To generate digital receipts and coupons, host and display them online, and provide you with a unique link to access them;
•       To enable merchants to deliver relevant, in-context offers displayed on smart receipts and coupons;
•       To provide merchants with rating and feedback information you have willingly supplied;
•       To enable you to use services associated with the receipt or coupon;
•       To provide merchants with analytics products and insights using anonymized consumer behavior data;
•       To provide customer support to you;
•       To continue to improve and develop our services, including by developing new services we could offer to you, and to updated you on          those services;
•       Answer questions and respond to requests made through our websites and third-party websites (including social media);
•       Use the location of your mobile device for location-based services that you may request (examples of which include fraud alerting       and          purchase verification);
•       Safeguard the security of your information;
•       Advertise and market our products and services, and those of our Partners, including presenting content and ads online tailored to          your interests, Targeted Advertising across multiple devices, providing you with ads, promotions, and offers;
•       Analyzing whether our ads, promotions, and offers are effective and benefit your experience;
•       Providing location-based content and personalized ads;
•       Conduct research and analysis to better understand our customers, website visitors, and app users;
•       Produce data analytics, statistical research and reports;
•       Allow you to give feedback by rating and reviewing our products and services, and those of our Partners.
4.2 Offering our sites to you: We may collect information about the device you use to access our sites, which may include your IP address, operating system and browser type. This helps us to manage our sites and improve the quality of our service.
4.3 Communicating with you, in the context of:
•       Service updates and news about our services;
•       News items and other information in which you may be interested;
•       Maintaining and updating your contact information where appropriate;
•       Respond to enquiries, feedback or problems you have sent to us;
•       Obtaining your prior, opt-in consent;
•       Conducting surveys;
•       IT operations management of our communications systems, our IT security systems, and/or IT security audits.
Of course, we will always ensure that such communications are provided to you in compliance with applicable laws.
4.4 Business partner management: If you are our merchant or business partner, we may process information relating to sales, finance, billing, corporate audit, and vendor/supplier management (including contractors).
4.5 Security: We may use your information to help us maintain electronic security of our services (such as login records and access details).
4.6 Legal compliance: we may process information about you to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations under applicable law.
4.7 Legal proceedings: We may process information about you to establish, exercise and defend legal rights.

5. Disclosure of your information
The provision of our service to you may require us to share your Personal Information with other parties. This section details which third parties we may need to disclose your Personal Information to.

5.1 Disclosure of information to third parties: We may disclose your Personal Information to other entities for legitimate business purposes and in accordance with applicable law. These include:
•       Your bank or credit card provider, which may receive the information about your purchases which are to be displayed in the receipt;
•       Merchants that you shop with may receive anonymized demographic information about you;
•       Third party service providers to whom we may outsource certain functions e.g. information technology support, direct marketing etc.,          may need to process or store your information, subject to binding contractual obligations of confidentiality;
•       Accountants, auditors, lawyers and other outside professional advisors we employ may also require access to your information, subject          to binding contractual obligations of confidentiality;
•       Third party acquirer(s) may also require access to your information, in the event that we sell or transfer all or any relevant portion of           our business or assets.
•       Treatment of your Personal Information: We may share Personal Information as requires or as permitted by law, with:

•       Credit bureaus and similar institutions to report or ask about your financial circumstances, and to report or collect debts you owe;
•       Regulatory authorities, courts, and governmental agencies to comply with legal orders, legal or regulatory requirements, and          government requests;
•       Our Service Providers, regulatory authorities, and governmental agencies to detect and prevent fraud or criminal activity, and to protect          the rights of American Express or others
We only share Personal Information with third parties for their own use with your consent.
•       International transfer of Personal Information: Some of the third parties to whom we disclose your Personal Information (as set out                   above) may be located outside of the USA. If we disclose your Personal Information to a third party located outside of the USA, we will          take reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient complies with the Privacy Act of 1974 in respect of that information. Nonetheless,          other jurisdictions may have different privacy laws and data protection compliance requirements to those that apply in the USA.

•       Treatment of Aggregated and De-Identified Information
Both Aggregated Information and De-Identified Information does not identify you individually.  This information is used to help identify patterns among groups.  We may share this information in the same way we share Personal Information, or
•       With Business Partners to help develop and market products/services and generate targeted content and advertisements;
•       With Business Partners to conduct analysis and research about customers and website traffic, or;
•       With third parties to develop, place, and analyze advertisements on various websites, apps, and localized phones via push notifications.

6. Keeping your data secure and maintaining accuracy of your data
Protecting your privacy and maintaining the accuracy of the data we use to serve you is vitally important to us. This section details the measures we take to achieve this.

6.1 Securing Data: We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures designed to protect your Personal Information against unauthorized or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, and other unlawful or unauthorized forms of processing. A selection of these measures are listed below:
•       Staff education: We train and remind our staff of their obligations with regard to your Personal Information and data.
•       System security: When you transact with us on the internet via our website, mobile apps and APIs we encrypt data sent from your         computer to our systems.
•       Building security: We have protection in our buildings against unauthorized access such as alarms and cameras.
•       Disposal of data which is no longer required: We have defined policies to ensure that we only keep Personal Information for as long         as required (for example, to meet user, legal requirements or our internal needs).
6.2 Maintaining Data Accuracy: On an ongoing basis, we take every reasonable step to ensure that:
•       Your Personal Information is accurate and has been kept up to date (where necessary);
•       Any of your Personal Information that we process that is inaccurate (having regard to the purposes for which it is processed) is erased or          rectified if we become aware of the inaccuracy.
From time to time we may ask you to confirm the accuracy of your Personal Information.

7. Cookies and Similar Technologies
We use cookies to provide our service to you. You can opt out, though this may impact our ability to provide our service to you.

7.1 How we use cookies: When you visit our site, or websites where our ads appear or when you make purchases, request or personalize information, or register for certain services we may place cookies onto your device, or read cookies already on your device, subject always to obtaining your consent, where required. We use cookies to record information about your device, your browser and, in some cases, your preferences and browsing habits. We may process your Personal Information through cookies.
Similar technologies such as web beacons, pixels, gifs, tags, and device ID technology also do the same thing. We use the term Cookies and Similar Technologies in this statement to refer to all technologies that collect information in this way.
7.2 How you can stop cookies: Your browser should give you the ability to control cookies. How you do so, depends on your browser and the type of cookie. Certain browsers can be set to reject all browser cookies. If you configure your computer to block all cookies, you may disrupt certain web page features, and limit the functionality we can provide when you visit or use our sites. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this site. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

8. Accessing, updating and correcting your Personal Information
We will help you to access, update and correct your Personal Information.

8.1 Accessing your data: You can ask for access to your Personal Information (for example what transactions you’ve made) by contacting us. We try to make your information available within 30 days of your request. Before we give you the information, we’ll need to confirm your identity.
8.2 Denying or limiting your request for access: In certain circumstances and where permitted by law, we may need to deny your request, or limit the access we provide. For example, we might not provide access to commercially sensitive information.
8.3 Correcting your Personal Information: You can ask us to correct any inaccurate Personal Information we hold or have provided to others by contacting us. If the Personal Information that is corrected is Personal Information we have provided to others, you can ask us to notify them of the correction. If we’re able to correct your Personal Information, we’ll inform you when the process is complete.
8.4 Disagreement on Personal Information correction required: If we disagree with you that Personal Information should be corrected, we’ll let you know our reasons in writing. You can then respond to further indicate your view that the Personal Information is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, irrelevant or out-of-date. We will take reasonable steps to comply with your request.
9. Contact us or find out more
9.1 Contacting us: If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or our treatment of your Personal Information, or complaints, or if you would like to access or amend your Personal Information, please contact us at info@E-ceipt.co
9.2 Find out more: (this section is not completed yet, but will be in the future) We participate in, and adhere to the principles of, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) program, as do many other agencies and financial institutions.  The DAA is a self-regulation program, Click Here to learn more.  If you wish to no longer receive Precision Advertising from E-ceipt on your websites, Click Here.  If you no longer wish to receive Precision Advertising from E-ceipt in apps, you can turn off the mobile device ad tracking or reset the advertising identifier in your device setting, available in device platforms.  If you no longer wish to receive Precision Advertising using location data, you can turn off location-based services in your device settings.  Note that turning off location-based services will limit our ability to provide adequate fraud protection to you and the retailer.

Appendix 1: Definitions

“Advertising Partner” or “Advertising Partners”

•Social media and online partners that act as Third-Party Ad-Servers, providing the technology to place ads on websites and apps and track how ads perform

“Aggregated Information” or “Aggregated”
Data or information relating to multiple people which has been combined or aggregated. Aggregated Information includes information that we create or compile from various sources, including card transactions or certain data from Cookies and Similar Technologies

“Business Partners”, “Business Partner”, “Partners”, “partner”, “partnered”, or “partnering”
Anyone using our service for their benefit, be it retailer, point of sale provider, point of sale distributor, point of sale reseller, merchant, or any other third party who installs or access our software

“De-identified Information” or “De-identified”
Data or information used in a way that does not identify you to a third party. We often derive De-identified Information from Personal Information. It includes information that we may collect from various sources, such as card transactions or certain data from Cookies and Similar Technologies

Personal Information
Any information or opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:

whether the information or opinion is true or not; or whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not
“Process”, “Processing” or “Processed”

Anything that is done with any Personal Information, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Precision Advertisements
Ads that we, our Service Providers, Advertising Partners, Business Partners, and third-party ad servers display on websites or in apps within the E-ceipt organization based on the inferred preferences or interests from the data collected from a computer or device with respect to viewing behavior, receipt items, coupon items, receipt interaction, coupon interaction, or app use over time.  This advertising may occur across multiple browsers or mobile devices that have been associated together.

Service Providers
Vendor, company, or third party that performs business on our behalf such as print, mail, digital and other communication services, marketing, data processing, servicing, collections, ad management, consulting

Any related web pages located under the following domain names:

•      eceipt.co
•      eceipt.webflow.io

and any integration with third party systems or websites which provide data to us through the web pages listed above.

Cookies and Similar Technologies
A small file that is placed on your device when you visit a website (including our Sites).