Frequently Asked Question

Who, what, when, where, why, how come?

Why do I need digital receipts?  I just throw away paper ones anyways.

1. Ever think you would be saying this?  Exactly.  There is no reason we should be wasting paper on receipts, let alone physically handling them via unsanitary machines. 
2. We worked hard to provide features you will use, including:
    -- Push notifications for product rebates/recalls
    -- Links to how to videos for products you buy
    -- Ability to call the retailer
    -- Ability to get directions
3. How about the ability to see just how much you have helped saved the environment:
   -- Reducing Greenhouse gases
    -- Reducing water reclamation
    -- Reducing paper waste
    -- Planting acres and acres of trees

What expense reporting software has integrated Eceipt to their system?

Currently we have not reached out to partner with expense software, although that is on the schedule.  Want yours on that list?  Reach out and let us know!

What does Eceipt cost me to download on my phone?

E-ceipt is free to all consumers looking to ditch the paper pandemic.

How do I start using Eceipt?

1. Consumers – Just scan any available barcode and provide your phone number, else download from the App Store
2. Retailers – Contact your POS provider and request to have our system installed on your devices.  In less than a two days you can be saving money!

How long does Eceipt store my receipts?

Users under the basic subscription will have their receipts held for two years.  At the end of each calendar year, they will be prompted to download their receipts to their personal files.  If you would like your receipts stored longer, please check the in-app upgrades.

What data does Eceipt collect?

We only use data you give us access to.  Typically, this includes signing up via Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay – we use these partners to verify identity at checkout and send the receipt to the proper person.  Data security is one of our TOP priorities, so we use the same security protocols you find on all of your payment accounts.

Will my receipt information be shared with anyone?

All the personal information within your Eceipt app will remain with you, and only you.  Retailers may receive reports with general, anonymized data from time to time.  This anonymized data may also be shared with marketing and analytic firms.  The only thing shared in real-time is your phones GPS at the time of transaction, this is how we prevent fraudulent activity for you and the retailer.  

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we keep your data safe.

Where are my receipts stored?

We use a secure third-party server for all data storage before it is sent to your phone.  This server uses SSL/TLS certificates, DDoS protection, encryption, key management, and frequent security testing to continuously protect your data.

Does Eceipt work for expense reports?

Yes, all of your digital receipts can be saved in multiple formats (from .csv to .txt) and exported for your report upload.  You can also put notes in for each receipt and label them to track specific spending.

Who should use E-ceipt?

From the traveling salesman, to the stressed parent, to the local merchant-our application is made to make everyone’s life easier.  No more physical contact with your receipts, now they are 100% digital!

Does Eceipt work on all phones?

YES!  As long as that phone is supported by Google, Apple, or Samsung

What does Eceipt cost to activate on my POS?

We understand one-size-fits all pricing is not realistic for today’s business environment.  If you are interested in our value-based pricing, shoot us a message and we will schedule a call to start saving you money.

What donations does Eceipt give from active subscriptions?

We donate $1/month for each subscription we have to Restore Our Planet TM with the goal of reversing the effects of the paper industry, one tree at a time.

Will I receive digital receipts for all my transactions once I download Eceipt?

Sadly no, only for those retailers who have partnered with Eceipt will this be available.

What does E-ceipt do for my business, besides removing my need for ordering receipt paper?

The benefits extended to retailers goes way beyond removing cost at the register.  When you partner with us you receive anonymized insight into your customer base, the ability to live market products to customers in your immediate area, fraud protection from in-store purchases, and unique marketing features not available anywhere else.

Drive performance, understand your demographics, find gaps, and modernize the way you market your business!

How will Eceipt prevent fraud?

We have a proprietary MFA system that uses multiple points of verification to assure that each transaction taking place at the POS device is only done by the authorized user.  If any activity is perceived to be fraudulent, we will notify you right away and ask if you would like us to alert your payment company.