The Paperless Receipt Option

Paperless Receipts
Securely Stored
In One Place

Retailers - save money, reducing rental hardware, rental fees & ELIMINATE RECEIPTS FOREVER!
Point Of Sale - maintain profits while reducing overhead!
Consumers - zero contact +interactive receipts that don't fade away!

Did we mention that each of you will also help reforest the Earth?

Securing Transactions

Accomplishing Change

Changing the way receipts will be processed forever

How it Works

*Depending on the POS partnership, the system may only give options for email, or sms receipt at checkout
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who we work with

We don't have clients, we have PARTNERS.  Each one of these companies believes in more than just transforming the industry.  They want to make sure it's applicable for generations to come.  That said, we bet the next time you check out, you will see one of these names on the register!


Built by Industry Experts

Our code is designed to integrate with any POS system on the market.  Making the transition seamless, so you can start saving money right away!

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Retailers, we didn't forget about you

Why pay for what you don't need?  Our platform reduces all costs associated with outdated receipt-printing machines, including:

-- Receipt Paper
-- Receipt Ink
-- Hardware Rental
-- Hardware Replacement
-- Machine Servicing
-- Monthly Maintenance
-- Yearly Maintenance

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Sustainable SOlutions

It's Time to Go Green

Stewardship, we all have a duty to this, no matter how small our efforts may seem. In addition to removing the carbon footprint and wasted resources used in traditional paper receipt solutions, Eceipt donates $1 of every monthly subscription to
Restore Our Planet

Learn More About Our Green Initiatives ➝

The Values We Bring to Each Sector

The Consumer

-- Save Money
-- Touchless Transactions
-- Plant Trees
-- Centralized Receipt Management
-- Instant Recall Notifications
-- Instant Fraud Protection
-- Simple Expense Reporting

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Point of Sale

--Save Money
-- Reduce Costly Inventory
-- Reduce Maintenance Costs
-- Increase Sales
-- 24/7 Support
-- Simple Integration

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The Retailer

-- Save Money
-- Decrease Carbon Footprint
-- Real-Time Fraud Alert
-- Contactless Delivery
-- Precision Marketing
-- Faster Checkouts

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Our Planet

It's our responsibility to leave this world better than we found it. Each time you use Eceipt, know that you are doing your part.

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