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Retail partners have access to the precision marketing platform. 
Ever wanted to ping your customers phone with deals? Now you can.

✓ Save Money
✓ Precision Marketing
✓ Faster Checkout

Why your team will love Eceipt

Save Money
Stop paying to use receipt printers, receipt paper, and all the extras that go with them.
Contactless Delivery of Receipts
Paper is a hotbed for germs. Remove it to keep your employees and customers safe.
Precision Marketing
Send push notifications right to your customers phones'. Tell them about the latest deals and savings with the push of a button.
Real-Time Fraud Alert
Our proprietary 3-way customer matching software will make sure every transaction is fraud-free!
Faster Checkout
Get customers through faster, use instant receipts and coupons instead of waiting for them to print.
Decrease Carbon Footprint
Per year in the US, receipts cost us 80,000,000 trees, produce 400,000 lbs of CO2, and require 12,000 Olympic pools of water from our rivers.
Rapid Integration
Typical Integration takes less than 2 days.
Custom Templates
Give your receipt some flare! Ditch the old typeface for a fresh look

Faster Checkout with our Software

Retailers using Eceipt reduce transaction time by an average of 15%. Meaning shorter lines and happy shoppers.

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toDAY'S orders



Precision-Marketing to Engage your Customers

Develop the most efficient marketing plan for the lowest cost. Then watch it work!

Eceipt allows you to send push notifications directly to your customers phones' so they can get the latest deals and alerts. What value does that precision bring to your company?
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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 25%

Lower or remove all of the below from your bottom line! 
- Rental Hardware
- Servicing Fees
- Material Usage
- Electricity Costs

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Over 1,000 machines use Eceipt. Our partners include leaders in retail, ecommerce, dinning, among others.

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✓ Save Money
✓ Precision Marketing
✓ Faster Checkout